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We clothing manufacturer & Stock lots Supplier, Ready Made Garments, Stock lots, textiles, yarn, printings and garment accessories industry of Bangladesh. ! Bangladesh has become a global top sourcing hub for all kinds of ready-made garment (rmg) from many years for foreign buyers/importers, retailers & chain stores in those developed countries since the production cost is very low here.

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Identifying potential suppliers and buyers worldwide for best deals.

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We source best items to give the highest level of satisfaction, at minimum cost.


We store products on our own warehouses safely and securely to provide meximum protection.

Packing & Shipping

We will ensure all products are packed optimally and ship your products in compliance with all of your instructions.

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Our Machinery & Laundry

Factory Outlet uses the best of the class machineries imported from all over the world. Our productions are smooth because our employees are very much satisfied with the working machines. Here is our world class machine list:

SL No. Factory outlet Machine List (Company Name) Fuctions Working condition
1 Hand or paddle sewing machine (Butterfly, China) Sewing the garments Working condition
2 Industrial single needle lock stitch machine (Taking, China) Sewing all types of fabric Working condition
3 2-Needle plain sewing machine (Sunsir, China) Sewing the garments Working condition
4 Flat lock sewing machine (Taking, China) Used to sew knit fabric Working condition
5 High speed 2-Needle 5-Thread over lock machine (Taking, China) Lock the end of fabric by sewing Working condition
6 Over lock machine (Juki, Japan) Secure edge of garments Working condition
7 Button stitch machine (Consew, Japan) Attach the button with garments Working condition
8 Leather cutting (Taking, China) To cut leather Working condition
9 Embroidery machine (Consew, Japan) Produce design with the help of thread on fabric surface Working condition
10 Bar taking machine (Taking, China) Making loop in the pant Working condition
11 Kansai special machine (Hoseki, China) Attach elastic to jacket or coat) Working condition
12 Button hole machine (Taking, China) Produce hole in the fabric for button attaching Working condition
13 Snap button machine (TK-Super, China) Manually attach repeat button Working condition
14 Dismatic machine (Butterfly, China) Sewing the fabric at specific design Working condition
15 Rib cutter Cut off rib of knit garments Working condition
16 Collar turning and blocking machine (NGAI SHING, China) Used for collar finishing Working condition
17 Fusing machine (Shanghai jieshi clothing machine co. ltd., China) Used for finishing collar lining Working condition
18 Computerized embroidery machine (Hoseki, China) Making design with thread by using computer Working condition
19 Band knife cutting machine (Oshima, China) Used to cut off fabric at small size Working condition
20 Fashion Maker Desmatic machine (Singer, China) Sewing the fabric at specific design using different disk Working condition
21 Straight knife cutting machine (FJM Dalian, China) Used to cut off fabric Working condition